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Play Angry Birds Space Free Online

by admin on July 4, 2012

The game Angry Birds has already made its landmark within a very short period of time. This game is a huge success for the game developer; name ROVIO, which made them think about its new version for Angry Birds lovers. Therefore, they have already gifted a whole bunch of the series and chapters to the fans for which the game is hard to finish by all chapters. Main attraction of Angry Birds is its glossy and colourful graphics which attracts any eyes regarding ages. Beside these, sound has played a vital role which is perfect with the game scenario and environment. Other feature is not as strong as the other Smartphone games, but it has grabbed the attention for its simplicity and ease of access.

The most amazing issue regarding Angry Birds is; people not get bored to play with it as there are too many different options, environments, chapters and scenarios to play. When someone intends to take a rest from its addiction, ROVIO creates another series to make the fan busy again. In this way, they have again come up with another series with a lot more features and new graphics to catch the eye and sounds, to soothe the ear. That is “Angry Birds Space”. Yes, you heard right. Angry Birds are now into the space where a lot of fun is waiting to grab. Though it is in the Rovio lab, some of its functions and features are already out in written form to give the fans some thrill and thrust of playing the new one. Physics has changed a lot for Angry Birds space.

The whole attraction is limited to a single space or planet where birds’ flight path is depended on the gravity of the planet. There are almost 30 stages where birds will now act and dress as super heroes. Beside these, a whole set of new birds have added here as bomber with new functions. Some of its old birds are removed in this series as there is much lower usage of those for the gravity feature. All the look and appearance look like the space which we have seen in cartoons and space related movies. Obstacles are as like the previous ones and not that much upgraded regarding hardness and materials, but their settings are mind blowing and interesting. Animations got a whole new look and a way to entertain the game lovers. As everyone loves to see the after effects of crashing the birds into the obstacles, it has also furnished in a whole new way with new sounds. However, sounds are not that much polished and most of them are taken from the previous series.

By this time, your thirst has grown much higher to engage with it, but the point is, this is not released yet. However, there is no need to be upset and worried for as there are always some options which give you extra benefits. You can download the game from this source or links and again jump over your Smartphone. You can also play it now from online without any need of downloading it. Amazing news is, it is now available for all platforms; especially it is now available in your browser if you are using Chrome. No need to go anywhere. Everything is on your ease of access. There could be few stages, but within the finishing period of the available ones, you can hope the full featured game will be published officially, and after that, you can download it totally free from here. So let’s start the countdown and engage with the live ones.

Play Angry Birds Space Online

Angry Birds Space online currently unavailable because it’s not released yet, you can bookmark this post and check back later to play Angry Birds Space online. But if you have a decent PC you can download the games and install it on your pc for FREE here: Download Angry Birds Space

Original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio is available to play online below:

While waiting for the Angry Birds Space online, you can watch the Angry Birds Space trailer:

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