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Play Angry Birds Rio Online Free

by admin on August 3, 2012

Angry Birds RIO Online

About Angry Birds Rio

A video game created by Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds Rio was based on the popular Angry Birds video game and was released using Google Android, Mac OS X and Apple’s iOS devices. The Angry Birds Rio was released in connection with the animated movie Rio. The game still utilized the basic game play from the original game but new elements were also added.

Play Angry Birds Rio Online by rescuing the trapped angry birds. This game is about the poor birds that were kidnapped and brought into Rio de Janeiro. Just like the original, players need to use the slingshot to lift-off the birds at adjacent structures. Instead of hitting the evil pigs, players must rescue the exotic birds in various cages or defeat the wicked marmosets. Depending on the stages, or levels of the game, there are specific levels that allow the players to save Blu and Jewel, the 2 main characters from the movie. The players also need to collect the hidden items as they progress throughout the game.

There are many features included when you Play Angry Birds Rio Online and these are:

  • the game has 6 episodes, including 180 levels and 12 bonus game levels
  • new achievements are incorporated
  • there are hidden fruits to discover and collect
  • test your skills in Angry Birds through the remarkable boss fights

If you Play Angry Birds Rio online and completed all the levels, you can open another 12 amazing bonus levels through the achievements in the game. Complete all the game levels and earn 3 stars or collect all the hidden Golden fruit to unlock the 12 new levels of an episode.

Angry Birds Rio has now the newest updates available. The updates include Smuggler’s Plane that has an exciting boss fighting with Nigel. It is now up to the players on how they will play the game and let the Angry Birds save Blu and Jewel just right in time as well as escape from a moving plane. The fans of Rio will notice that this scene was included at the end of the movie. Players should stay tuned for more exciting levels of Angry Birds Rio. New contents will be created based on extras and deleted scenes from the movie.

Angry Bird Rio is one of the most top downloaded games online and most played on mobile phones. Most people who Play Angry Bird Rio online liked the game and they became very addicted to it. The game has fun updates that keep the players glued on this puzzle game not just for the children but also the adults. It will also test your skills in Physics in order to win against the evil forces.

If you have not played Angry Birds Rio yet, what are you waiting for? Follow the Angry birds after they were kidnapped and sent to Rio. Angry Birds Rio has the same exciting physics-based game like the original one but with new settings and characters which are based on the movie. If you want to try out this game, please click below to Play Angry Birds Rio Online.

Angry Birds Rio Screenshot

Angry Birds Rio Screen 1
Angry Birds Rio Screen 2

Angry Birds Rio Video Trailer

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