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Play Angry Birds on Computer – Windows PC Guide

by admin on May 14, 2012

The game Angry Birds is one of the most popular online games nowadays. This kind of online game is not difficult to play as old and young individuals can easily grasp the instructions. Basically, Angry Birds is all about the birds who take revenge over the evil pigs. A person has to manipulate the slingshot properly in order for the birds to jump and destroy the building where the pigs reside. Although the game is just simple to play, a person has to stay focus in order to tear down the pigs and proceed to the next level. As more and more levels are achieved, a person will be granted with rewards. This is the reason why a lot of people are getting hooked with Angry Birds because it gives them excitement to play more and achieve higher levels.

Angry Birds are often available in iPhone, PS3, PSP and Android OS. However, this online game can also be downloaded and played through a personal computer. As the Angry Birds on computer becomes available, more and more people are getting hooked with the online game. The availability of Angry Birds on computer actually gives an option to people who want to play the game even on their laptop or desktop. This game can be played in computers having Windows 7 and Windows XP. In order to enjoy the Angry Birds on computer, Windows 7 and XP usually requires a processor of 2 GHz, operating system of Windows XP, 7 or Vista, memory of 512 MB, free space on the hard disk of 45.2 MB, sound device that is compatible to DirectX and 3-D graphics card that is compatible to DirectX. If these requirements are met, Angry Birds online game is now ready to be downloaded and accessed.

Angry Birds on computer are actually similar to those of a smart phone. There is no big difference in playing it in a pc or smart phone. It is just that a person playing in PC will have to use the mouse in order to control the slingshot while those that use a smart phone will make use of the fingers to drag and release the birds. Although, it is convenient to play Angry Birds in a smart phone, but it still provides enjoyment and pleasure even with a personal computer. Using the computer for the Angry Birds allows a person to see the entire scenario because of the large screen it provides. Playing is much easier because there is no need to zoom in or out. When playing Angry Birds on computer, a person will have an increase in efficiency and he will be able to conquer all the challenges in every game level. This can be very fulfilling as much evil pigs will be destructed, and more rewards will be received. A person just has to be an expert in using the slingshot in order to hit the pigs and their temples successfully. More importantly, check the computer first and foremost whether the game is compatible or not.

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