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Play Angry Birds Heikki Online Free on Your Browser

by admin on August 7, 2012

How to Play Angry Birds Heikki Online Free

If you’re looking to play the latest installment of Angry Birds series which is Angry Birds Heikki, you’re at the right place! click the image below to start playing. If you’re also with more angry birds games like Angry Birds Rio and Space, please visit our homepage and browse your favorite Angry Birds and download them to your PC for free.

Angry Birds Heikki

Angry Birds Heikki Online Overview

All of us have at least once played and enjoyed the hugely successful and popular game Angry Birds. Many of us are hooked on to these Angry Birds lashing out their anger at green pigs. Since its launch in 2009, we have seen many versions of Angry Birds like Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Seasons, and all of them have been received well in the games space. For those ardent fans of Angry Birds who have managed to clinch a 3 star rating in all levels of the Angry Birds, the wait for something new to arrive is over.

With the European Grand Prix around the corner, the Angry Birds developer Rovio as a part of its co-branding strategy has launched Angry Birds Heikki. This version of the ever popular game Angry Birds commemorates the Finnish F1 racer Heikki Kovalainen. Rovio also happens to be the sponsor of Heikki Konalainen and this version of Angry Birds has been named after him. This version of Angry Birds has taken the birds to the F1 racing track. Our favourite little red angry bird has adorned a red racing helmet to equip her for the fight on the F1 racing tracks. A complete racing environment has been created with sound effects of racing cars and screeching tires. This version basically takes your favourite angry bird fight to the F1 racing track.

Angry Birds Heikki is a web based game that is available for free. As this game is dedicated to the performance and feat of Finland native Heikki Kovalainen on the formula 1 racing tracks, the track to this game on the web would pass through Heikki Kovalainen’s Facebook page. You will have to visit the formula one racer’s fan page on Facebook to get a code generated, and then this code can be used to download and play the Angry Birds Heikki. Once you have the code, no matter how many times you restart, you can play Angry Birds heikki for free.

Although, this brand new version of Angry Birds comes with a totally new look that resembles a F1 racing track, but the Angry Birds Heikki does not have any new features, which the players would expect. The only change visible is in the red bird that has been made to wear a helmet and has been given some additional powers, but the small extra points that it accrues does not really impress an avid Angry Birds lover. The Angry Birds Heikki has a total of 12 levels; each level corresponds to a level in grand prix F1 racing championship. Each level will be released in conjunction with the corresponding level in the European grand prix. So, once you are done with one level, you will have to wait for the next level, and you will have to keep a watch on the European grand prix closely. This is how the whole co-branding strategy would work for Rovio. Nonetheless, Angry Birds Heikki comes as a pleasant change for the angry bird lovers who can enjoy the thrill of F1 racing and their favourite angry birds on their computer screens.

Angry Birds Heikki, Play Angry Birds Heikki Online, Angry Birds Heikki Free

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