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How to Play Angry Birds Online Free

by admin on May 11, 2012

How to Play Angry Birds Online Free. If you haven’t been living under the rock for a while, you must be aware of the world’s biggest pastime these days. Yes, the angry birds; a simple game, where the birds bash pigs; is one of the biggest hit of our times. Not just a hit but it’s the biggest phenomenon, which the world witnesses only every couple of decades or so. You can get an idea of the popularity of angry from the fact that the number of downloaded copies has reached an enormous 700 million copies and sales have reached whooping $100 million from $ 10 million in just a year. The fan club of angry birds consists of some of the biggest celebrities, which included Justin Beiber and the British minister David Cameron, among others. So the question arises; why, just why the angry birds is so popular and addictive. Let’s have a look at the secret ingredients that make it the most popular game among the users of all the generations and how you can play angry birds free online.

Angry birds work on a simple strategy of target and attack. If you think of numerous other games that are based on the same premise and start presuming that angry birds would also be on the same lines, then I would like to tell you that you are completely wrong. Although, in this game, a slingshot is used to fling the birds on to different targets, for instance; pigs, but the main difference lies in the treatment. For instance, the pigs put themselves in an easy to collapse structures, and when you fling the birds on those pigs, the structure also demolishes along with them. The amazing part is that these structures demolishes in completely different ways every time you hit a pig or another target. This helps in keeping the anticipation of the player at the highest levels because there is a surprise element of not knowing what’s going to happen next. Initially available for the smart phones only, now you can play angry birds free online.

The game’s premise is simple yet interesting. When playing angry birds free online, you have to play the birds, well, the angry birds, these birds are angry at the green piglets who have stolen their eggs. Now by using a slingshot, you are providing these birds a chance to get even with these green pigs who have taken refuge in different structures. When playing angry birds free online, your main objective would be to demolish all the structures and bring those pigs out at each level. You get to choose between different birds such as red, white etc. In the first level, however, you have access to only red birds that have virtually no powers, but as you progress, other birds with extra powers will be available to you. The target; that is the pigs have also different powers, for instance there are pigs with a helmet that are hard to kill and so on. You get the real taste when you start playing angry birds free online.

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