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How to Download Angry Birds to Your Smartphone

by admin on May 14, 2012

People are now busy to earn for the day. Therefore, amusement has lost its path a long time ago. Mobile game makers then came into the industry for mutual benefit. Angry Birds is the latest hype which made its way to the history after it hit the internet world. ROVIO is the mastermind behind this success. In other way, you can say typically that the game was developed in the Rovio developer’s lab. At first, it was launched in Getjar, which has the most visitors for mobile game download. After launching it in the famous android market with “free facility”, its pick was so much higher that was difficult to project. Almost 7000 hit were there within the first three hours of android version launching.

Now the big question is how to download Angry Birds in your Smartphone. Let’s talk about that matter. Smartphone means a phone with Android operating system, Windows operating system or IOS. What to do in terms of Android operating system is explaining here. At first, you have to know that android has a big marketplace from where you can download its products and that’s called as Google play store. This is the most secure and reliable place to download android applications. So your first attempt would be creating an account in Then you have to login with that account in your android phone from android market on the settings menu. It will open a page where there will be a search field. Write “angry birds” and hit search. You will surely get a huge list of Angry Birds game. Then you have to choose whatever you like by clicking “install” button right beside your chosen logo. It will then start downloading your game into your phone. When it completes, go to the end of your menu list, you will find your game. Now click on the icon and start enjoying the game.

Now if you are using iphone, you have to first download iTunes in your PC or laptop or mac. You can download it from the most reliable source of it and that is apple store. Then install it as like other software. Now download the application file required for Angry Birds from iTunes store. Then you have to plug-in your iPhone into your PC through USB port and open iTunes in your PC. The next step will be clicking the “Apps” tab near the top window. Beside this you also have to check and activate “sync apps”. Now the downloaded file will be shown on your monitor. Tick the check box for Angry Birds and then hit the “Sync” button. You will get your desired game into your iPhone. Now hit the eject button from your iphone and start playing.

The game is there for free to play with some versions, and others are paid versions. Whatever the money is, you will worth downloading it into your device when you will start enjoying it, and that is for sure. So it’s time to rush and download the latest Angry Birds.

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