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History Behind the Success of Creating Angry Birds

by admin on June 6, 2012

People are now crazy towards mobile phone games especially for those which are made for Android and Smartphone. Those games are actually having the features like a computer game and again there is mobility with great graphics and sound engines. Angry Birds is the name of that game which has broken down all the past success histories of mobile games after it hit the market. Finland based game developer ROVIO has created this game in their game lab, and since then, they are busy in creating more extraordinary features which is adding value to the game. It was December 2009 when Angry Birds has made its path towards the game lovers through Apple IOS. It is reported that almost 12 million copies have been purchased from apple’s store at that time. This made Rovio make it again with new features for android mobiles as well. They gave their all concern in building the game as an easy picking for everyone using Smartphone through simple and achievable features.

The first proposal was made out by lisalo for creating angry bird in the early 2009. It was not clear to the others that what is the game featured, but they like the characters most. That’s why they began to develop the game in concern of those characters. At first they created those birds and then they realized that they should have some enemy and obstacles to deal with. So the environment created with the fragrance of the technology of an earlier release of them, which is Crush the Castle. Rovio then found its partner to release or publish it for iPhone in the apple store. They tried to limit the budget within €100,000 after their initial setup. Later, they have produced the other parts and published by themselves while keeping the fact of mobility and licensed under Abstraction game.

The challenge was then to develop this game on Android platform as android has its own different features and versions for its different configured devices. They also faced the problem of different processor speed with user interface, which was totally unavailable in IOS. Then they came up with some basic features which were still not supported for almost 30 of android versions. That’s why they redesigned the minimum set of requirements, and after one month, they finally released it successfully for all android devices.  Right after finishing this project, they took a challenge on developing this game in Facebook which was in early 2010. It was involved with the company’s largest and most happening budget decisions. From March 2011, they were facing a great challenge to change its platform from mobile to social media platforms. However, as always, they made it success to publish the game on this social platform in February 2012. Meanwhile, different chapters and series were developing side-by-side along with this major advancement in Rovio’s game development lab. They then made synchronized with online features and also created an online version to engage with which requires no download at all.

All these hard working gave the game the award of most top-selling paid game in the apple store for the year 2010, even though almost 25% of downloads had accounted as paid. They were paid almost $1million per month from the advertisement made on the game. It was also selected as the best casual game in 2010 and “best game for handheld devices” in 2011 along with the “best game app” and “application of the year” in 2011. Now it has been heard that they are going for developing it in console platform like x-box and play station and also Google’s new platform for mobile devices along with old symbian platforms. Angry Bird Space has already made a landmark on its path before releasing. So it seems that the never ending success history will be followed by them until mobile developments are out of its resources and their thirst of developing has put an end to its further developing.

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