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Frustration Overcomes with some Tips and Tricks of Angry Birds

by admin on May 31, 2012

“Angry Birds” is the game, which people are now crazier than before with their mobile phones whether it is a symbian or windows or a Smartphone. Amazing truth is, people are now throwing their iPhone into the wall or even bounce it on the floor when they are not getting their desired result while engaging with Angry Birds. It’s a true fact even though Rovio is taking no commission from apple from selling of a new iPhone after a crashing one. It’s their success, which are they proud of.

The frustration comes when we are not able to take charge in releasing those poor birds and get the rewards as well. So here are some tips for you to cool down your angry mind.

Tip 1: Golden egg is one of the secret instruments, which are found in many chapters. Mostly it is situated outside your normal screen range. So from next time, try to squeeze the screen, and then you could have a golden egg which pops in the screen. Sometime you have to use boomerang and rocket bird to get this egg.

Tip 2: Get a high score by making a single devastating shot with any of the slingers bird available in the level. Your most unused birds will give you the extra points to get a 3 star.

Tip 3: Always target the wooden obstacles rather targeting the stones as that is useless. You have to focus on targeting the corner of the obstacle which will make the bird go through the obstacle along with destroying the connected 2 obstacles. Think about X, Y, Z axis of your mathematic class. You have to target the Z axis. If you forgot about it, online search would be e great tool for you.

Tip 4: Always get a clear idea by zooming in and out of the whole area. Try not to have a sling shot always from left to right, sometime it is more useful to throw the bird upward and then push it down like a rocket.

Tip 5: Take out the most from a single shot by implementing secret power of those birds. You could find those powers easily by taping one or two or holding the birds while they flight through their path to the destination for bombardment. The blue one creates much of it magically while in a shot making 3 out from 1. Yellow bird gets its force 10% fast after tapping and the Black bird blast itself creating extra affect with landing impact. The white ones drop an egg like a bomb and the big lip bird acts as boomerang after tapping, and it is much useful often when you think outside the box and makes the shot in a different angle with its boomerang effect.  The orange ones get a size of a big fat balloon impacting in a larger area.

Tip 6: Always try to find the best shot after another by replicating the first shot which could be easily done through the dusted path left behind by the previous bird. These birds really make a suicide attack.

By these times, it is obvious that you have found out the system of relief in your strategy by freeing out the prisoner birds. That’s why it is recommended not to get angry always when playing the Angry Birds.

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b5fam June 8, 2012 at 11:49 am

If my math teacher told me that one day knowing trajectories would help me win a game called “Angry Birds”, I might have paid more attention


Sevda July 2, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Angry birds live in jeopardy. Unpleasant reegnve, green pig away birds’ eggs. The use of unique the destructive power of the pig waste angry birds of strong castle. Angry birds function hours of play time, challenging physical and a lot of the value of the heavy. Castle demolished Every 165 level need logic, skills and violence against the enemy.To protect the wild animals and birds, anger!!!!!


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